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Mashin sazi Boukan Company was formally registered in 1995 , with the registration number 138,in the Companies Registration Office in west Azerbaijan of Iran having the founding license no. 103609. The main office of the company and the factory is located in a 4000 sq. meter plot on Boukan to Saquuez road in a distance of 1 kilometer from Boukan . There is a skillful and experienced staff of 40 working day and night producing bread-baking machines and sending them to markets both at home and abroad. The activities of our company are to design and produce food industry machines and full lines of bread-baking machines. Thanks to the perseverance of its untiring staff, Mashin sazi Boukan Company achieved the exploiting license no. 1012511 from the Ministry of Industries with the purpose of the mass production of its crops( about 250 machines annually). In 2006 with the aim of standardizing of its products so as to make a purposeful policy, this company took the vast way of quality management based on the2000 international standard of ISO 9001 and achieved this goal obtaining ISO 9001 from URS of England in 2007. In 1998 indirect heating bread-baking machine entered our line of production applying modern engineering procedures.This machine obtained the national standard of Iran in the same year to turn a new page in the proud history of our productions. One of our proudinspiring achievements is the entering of our products in the international markets .Through exports to Canada, Sweden, Norway, Iraq along with actively taking part in bread industry machines fairs , we have entered international markets and rivalry .All our products are supplied with formal guaranties and after purchase services. Our capable managers in the line of their efficient policy and in accordance with modern technologies are trying their best to heighten the quality day by day in a way to please the purchasers.

Awards :

  • Exporting of our products to international markets including those of countries such as Sweden, Norway, England, Bolivia, and Iraq
  • Top industrial and job creating unit in the whole west of Iran
  • The first industrial company to obtain the National Standard Mark in the whole west of Iran
  • Having the patent of the invention of indirect heating bread-baking machines in the west of Iran
  • The first industrial unit to have obtained the international quality standard of ISO 9001 in 2008 from Germany
  • Top labor group of 2009 in Iran
  • Having the patent of the first invented dry bread in Iran